We help financial advisors
acquire more business.

Spend less time on disinterested clients, and more on your core advisory role.

Client acquisition is one of the most time-consuming activities for financial advisors because

Undifferentiated USP


of advisors believe they’re unable to differentiate their USP, thus unable to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Conflict of interest


of people believe advisors act in their own and not in their clients' best interests.

Top business initiative


of advisors indicate that business development was a top initiative for their firm.

Initiate conversations with an engaging offering.
Stand out with a unique value proposition.
Develop more business in less time.

Our Solution: my3B Advisor

my3B Advisor is a behavioral finance based assessment system designed to:

Bridge the gap between individuals and advisors.

Highlight the need for a disciplined and professional approach to financial planning.

Help advisors personalize their approach and connect better with their clients/prospects.

my3B refers to the biases, behaviors, and blindspots that may prevent individuals from achieving their financial freedom.

75% of study participants* say my3B Advisor increased their intention to seek financial advice. On average, they’d pay 19% more for advice after taking the assessment.

*Study by Beyond Berkeley

How does my3B Advisor help you?

my3B Advisor helps you focus your business development efforts. Our assessments and reports help you:

Easily identify motivated prospects: Send out unlimited assessment invites; prospects who complete the assessment are more motivated to act on their financial wellbeing.

Convey your value proposition: The questions and analysis make prospects aware of the complexity of capital markets and how unconscious behavioral traits can result in costly mistakes.

Re-frame your approach and enable great conversations: Our approach helps engage prospects in the process of their self-discovery thus helping you offer a new level of ‘fiduciary care’.

my3B Advisor: 45 questions, 20 minutes, and an in-depth financial psychological profile.

How does it help your prospects/clients?

my3B Advisor helps your prospects/clients understand:

Why financial planning is complex, time-consuming, and needs focus.

How their biases, behaviors, and blindspots may prevent them from achieving their financial goals.

What steps they could take now to secure their financial future.

my3B Advisor is also a powerful way to generate more referrals.

Confirmed by people

Brian Skerry, Raptor Group

“The my3B assessment is a tool I believe every financial planner should use with their clients as the very first step before beginning the planning part. At least, I wish mine had!”

Marijo Bos, Bos Advisors

“Investing today is complex and confusing. The my3B assessment helped me uncover gaps in my decision-making process thus helping me make better decision about how I plan for my future.”

Ahmad Bassam, ACM

“I was skeptical at first that such a simple questionnaire could tell me anything useful, especially about investing. But it was a revelation! What I learned made me look at things in a whole new way.”

Our plans & pricing

Our subscription options allow for unlimited assessment invites with a quick, no-hassle cancellation anytime! No long-term contracts or any other hidden charges.


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We don’t ask for payment information because we’re confident my3B Advisor works. After 10 free assessments, you will be too.

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Immediate access to the full system, including a free demo assessment.


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