Support your employees on their financial journey.

Build positive associations and increase employee engagement.

Employee financial health is an increasing concern for businesses for 3 key reasons:

Corporate responsibility


of employers feel morally responsible for their employees' financial wellbeing.

Employee engagement


of employers believe focusing on financial health improves overall engagement at work.

High costs


is the cost of financial stress for companies, per employee, every single year.

85% of employers feel that focusing on employees’
financial wellbeing is the “right thing to do”.
We can help you achieve that.

Our Solution: my3B Enterprise

my3B Enterprise is a behavioral finance based assessment system designed to:

Raise awareness of innate preferences and psychological tendencies that influence financial decision making.

Highlight the need to take appropriate action by providing personalized recommendations.

Drive behavioral change by improving self-awareness and self-management.

my3B refers to the biases, behaviors, and blindspots that may prevent one from achieving their financial freedom.

62 questions, 25 minutes, and 1 in-depth financial psychological profile could make all the difference.

How it helps you

my3B Enterprise helps you take an active role in improving employee financial health and:

Shift responsibility where it really belongs – your employee.

Underscore the value of disciplined financial planning.

Raise awareness of any other employee assistance programs.

my3B Enterprise can be easily integrated with existing financial wellness tools, services, and campaigns offered to employees.

How it helps your employees?

my3B Enterprise helps your employees understand:

Why financial planning is complex, time-consuming, and needs focus.

How their biases, behaviors, and blindspots may prevent them from achieving their financial goals.

What steps they could take now to secure their financial future.

Employers are increasingly offering employees several tools and services to improve financial well-being.

How it works?

Our tool is extremely easy to use and just takes three simple steps:

Upload employee names and emails via an Excel file.

Send emails with an assessment invite with just one click of a button.

On completion, your employee receives a personalized report and you receive a confirmation.

Engaged employees are 43% more productive.


Whether you’re a small, medium or large enterprise, we’ve got you covered.


  • Up to 50
  • Up to 200
  • More than 200


  • $49/assessment
  • $39/assessment
  • $29/assessment

Get started – no payment information required!

We don’t ask for payment information, because we’re confident my3B Enterprise works. After 10 assessments, you will be too.

Create an account now and get:


Immediate access to the full system, including a free demo assessment.


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