Know yourself.
Empower yourself.
Secure your financial future.

Would you like to gain access to your in-depth financial-psychological profile in 20 minutes?

The my3B assessment may be the most important self-discovery quiz you will ever take.

Key things to know before you take our assessment:

Our assessment is simple fun, and doesn’t ask personal questions.

There are no right or wrong answers. This is NOT a test of your intelligence.

Don’t overthink your answers; just pick the answer that feels most intuitive to you.

Data-driven methods and 30+ years of research

Our assessment has been designed based on 30+ years of research in behavioral finance. Behavioral finance combines economic theory with insights from psychology and neuroscience. It holds that our choices are influenced by emotions and intuition and often deviate from those predicted by standard economic theory.

The truth is in there

On completion of our assessment, you will receive a personalized report which will help you:

Learn more about yourself.

Identify crucial factors that may influence your financial decision-making process.

Overcome any negative influencers with practical recommendations.

And finally, some key things to bear in mind

It is important to note that:

Your results provide an opportunity for self-reflection and it is highly recommended that you discuss them with a finance professional to gain deeper insights.

The accuracy of the report depends on your level of self-awareness and the frankness with which you’ve answered the questions.

The analysis contained in the report should be validated against other sources of data such as professional consultations, personal observations, and other assessment results.