Actionable BeSci Insights

“Combining academic rigor with industry experience to provide you with behavioral solutions”

As our Chief Behavioral Officer, Namika leads our R&D and consulting efforts.

Namika combines her rigorous academic behavioral science background with her industry experience in insights and training to the area of consumer insights, behavioral change, behavioral finance, and employee behavior.

She’s also an award-winning international speaker, and her ability to relate complex scientific principles to our everyday life has been recognized at various events in Financial Services, Pharmaceutical and CPG sectors.

She has a M.S. in Psychology and Ph.D. in Decision-Making Research from University of Oregon, and Postdoc training from Duke University.

Before joining Syntoniq, she was the Founder and the President of Behavioral Science Center at Ipsos, and the President of Sagara Consulting.

Our consulting areas of expertise

Financial Wellness

Achieving optimal financial outcomes for your clients requires going above and beyond of understanding their intended outcomes. Leverage BeSci architecture to address their behavioral barriers.

Consumer Insights

Apply Behavioral Science expertise to create consumer insights that drive actions.

Behavioral Change

Workshops facilitated by Ph.D. behavioral scientists to provide you with tools to initiate and maintain positive behavioral change.

Leadership Training

Understanding your own biases and decision-making process is the first step in becoming the most effective decision-makers.

Our Selected Media Attentions and Publications