Turn psychological insights
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For financial advisors

You are a financial advisor looking to acquire more business and serve your clients better.

For employers

You are an employer looking to help your employees make the right financial decisions and ensure retirement security.

Why Syntoniq?

The name Syntoniq (/sin-ton-ik/ ) stands for being responsive to and in harmony with your financial environment. At Syntoniq, we’re committed to enabling insight-driven financial planning.

We do this by building detailed financial-psychological profiles using our behavioral assessment system, my3B, which measures biases, blind-spots and behavioral preferences that may be preventing individuals from achieving their true financial potential.

Syntoniq's my3B comes in two variations – my3B Advisor for financial advisors and my3B Enterprise for employers. We help your clients and employees realize the importance of financial planning and nudge them to take positive action to secure their financial future.

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