Our team of experts have complementary backgrounds and vast experience in behavioral science, financial services, and investment management, with a common passion of applying behavioral science for the greater good.


Prasad Ramani, CFA, FRM

Chief Product Officer

Alain Samson, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Namika Sagara, PhD

Chief Behavioral Officer

Liam Jameson

Chief Technology Officer

Harsha K

Strategic Advisor, India

Charles Garett

Strategic Advisor, Technology

Monica Capra, PhD

Strategic Advisor, Behavioral Research

Zeina Zeitouni, CIPT

Strategic Advisor, Innovation

Evelyn Yau, MSc

Senior BeSci Analyst

Bianca Acevedo, PhD

Consultant, Neuroscience

George Newman, PhD

Consultant, Consumer Behavior and Decision Making

Hal Hershfield, PhD

Consultant, Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making

Jeff Parker, PhD

Consultant, Marketing and Consumer Choices

Brian Pasalich

Chief Executive Officer

Out of the ivory tower… into the real world

Until now, brilliant research in behavioral science has been confined to the academic world.
The field’s complexity precluded many practitioners from using these principles to empower their clients.

We change that

Syntoniq productizes emerging research in behavioral science by building impactful,
engaging, and scientific behavioral solutions that drive improved client outcomes.


Deliver an exceptional and collaborative client experience
through behavioral tech tools.


Bespoke behavioral solutions that positively impact and
take client engagement to a whole new level.

Latest Publications

Interested in learning more about the latest trends and best practice in behavioral finance? Here are some publications by Syntoniq’s experts.

Behavioral Economics Guide 2023
Understand the science behind the tools

Download the Behavioral Economics Guide 2023, the industry’s definitive publication on the latest thinking, trends, and resources in the fields of behavioral economics and behavioral insights. Published by our sister website BehavioralEconomics.com, the world’s largest community of individuals and organizations involved in behavioral research and applications.

Improving employee wellbeing with behavioral science
A Metlife UK-Syntoniq report

This report discusses how a behavioral approach can help employers motivate employees to create good financial habits. The paper offers behavioral techniques that can increase the effectiveness of employee financial wellbeing programs without a substantial monetary investment.